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Tequila - Provocacion Extra Anejo 7 Years / 75cl / 40%


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100% Agave / 75cl / 40%

CRT: NOM 1454

Product: Tequila

Category: Extra-Anejo

Aged: Provocacion ages their extra anejo for at least 7 years months in oak barrel

Color: dark amber brown

Taste: Intense aromas of this tequila include caramel and floral notes that are followed by moderate notes of fruit.

In addition, mild aromas include vanilla and spice.

In the mouth, the extra anejo is medium to heavy.

While the tequila is semisweet, there is only the slightest hint of bitterness.

When examining the flavors of Tequila Provocacion, first impressions include intense floral accents.

On a second sip, I noticed moderate flavors of agave, vanilla, and caramel.

When searching for deeper flavors upon tasting the tequila, one can taste mild notes of wood and earth.

This tequila has a long duration of flavor and has a nice subtle numbing alcohol intensity.

Tequila Provocacion - 100% Agave
Tequila Provocacion is crafted from the very best blue agave - Elegante achieves an exceptionally clean, pure agave taste that is unrivaled.

The spirit is then distilled and aged to perfection for more than 7 years in American oak to ensure a truly divine tasting experience.

Origin: Tequila Provocacion - Tequila - Jalisco - Mexico

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