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Rum - Los Valientes 10 Years / 50cl / 40%

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Ron Los Valientes 10 Years / 50cl / 40%

10 Years Old
The blend of sugar cane and molasses in this 10 year expression draws great flavour from ancient oak casks, without overpowering the caramel and dark chocolate bouquet.

A lingering finish which hints towards the pepper and spiciness prevalent in the 15 year.

Ron Los Valientes
For three generations, the Villanueva family have hand produced fine spirits from their small distillery Licores Veracruz S.A. de C.V. in the Mexican town of Cordoba, lapped by the warm Caribbean Sea.

This unique, award winning rum is blended together using pot distilled sugar cane juice, and the finest column distilled molasses, fermented using natural yeasts selected form the Veracruz region.

The distillates are then matured slowly in vast antique white oak barrels and blended to produce sophisticated yet elegant, light and easily appreciated rums.

Los Valientes (The Valient Ones) is named in honour of the brave fighters of the Mexican Revolution.

The range includes 10, 15 and 20 year expressions, with the 20 year old being individually numbered, signed and sealed by the cellar master.

Origin: - Mexico

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