Whisk(e)y - Bakery Hill Double Wood / 50cl / 46% Whisk(e)y 149,00 CHF

Whisk(e)y - Bakery Hill Double Wood / 50cl / 46%

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Whisk(e)y - Bakery Hill Double Wood / 50cl / 46%

Origin: Victoria, Australia

Colour: A rich burnished bronze.

Nose: The nose opens with the slightest hint of apricot, coconut and plum and then reveals an intermingling of golden syrup, plum pudding all wrapped in the spicy hint of cloves.

Palate: Subdued, mouth filling with orange marmalade overtones with the characteristic rich nougat sweetness and well balanced oak.
Finish: Rounded, well finished, lingering to the very end.

Unique in the whisky world, Bakery Hill handcraft their whiskies in Australia and produce a malt of outstanding character, consistency and detail.

We aim to provide the ultimate whisky experience for even the most fastidious malt whisky drinker.

Each bottle of Bakery Hill is drawn from a single cask at cask strength, meaning you will enjoy the malt at the same strength as it left the barrel in the distillery.

Then add a splash of water, to enjoy it at the strength you prefer.

We adhere strictly to a policy of single cask production, so barrels are never blended and the truly unique nature of each barrel is maintained for your drinking enjoyment.

Bakery Hill offers you a truly exclusive opportunity to savour the most refined single cask, cask strength single malt whiskies available today.

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