Whisk(e)y - Hellyers Road 12 Years / 70cl / 46.2% Whisk(e)y 81,00 CHF

Whisk(e)y - Hellyers Road 12 Years / 70cl / 46.2%

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Whisk(e)y - Hellyers Road 12 Years / 70cl / 46.2%

Origin: Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Our second aged statement single malt and the most significant milestone, to date from the distillery.

This is a world-class whisky that commands respect.

The 12 Year carries all the attributes of its highly-acclaimed predecessors, aged in American Oak, non-chill filtered and bottled at 46.2% alc/vol.

Our distilling process ensures an enhanced single malt flavour delivering a well-balanced and very smooth spirit.

Tasting Notes: Released in 2014, this superb whisky imbues a calming softness, reflective of its age.

An elegant, gentle spirit that extols an oily sweetness over tones of vanilla and citrus.

The mellow aftertaste provides reward for effort and a subtle reminder of the pleasures this hallmark spirit embodies.

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